QRstyler Premium


Free QRstyler is free - period. There are innumerable combinations of layouts already available in our system, and we add more all the time. We encourage you to create a free account to access statistics, saved designs, flexibile landing pages and campaigns, and much more.

At this time we are not providing support nor offering any paid for use services with the QRstyler platform.

QReate API integration

API Integration Have inventory of some sort in a database? Need a widget to create QR codes automagically for that inventory leveraging your brand, connected to our flexible landing pages and lead capture QR campaigns? This might be the right service for you! Costs vary depending on implementation requirements, so please contact us for more info.

Please note, there is a non-refundable $500 charge to have a conversation with our team regarding API integration. Implemenation costs for any solutions related to our API are non-negotiable and quoted on an individual basis. For more information contact our sales and support team at info@qrstyler.com.