foreground: (n) - The part of a view that is nearest to the observer.
text: (n) - A book or other written or printed work.

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saved: (n) - Keep safe or rescue something from harm or danger.

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    QR Encoder

    Add brand, context, and a call to action to your QR codes - FREE! Mix and match from hundreds of designs, and save your favorites to reuse over and over.

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    Track Scan usage and lead capture. Every code and campaign can be easily tracked and compared to help you maximize results and increase efficiency.

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    Safe Scan™

    QRstyler wants your consumers to have confidence in scanning your codes. Introducing Safe Scan, a brand new feature whereby every encoded url is checked for safety!

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    Qreate API™

    Have inventory in a database? Our automation is already changing the game in the real estate space, with branded QR codes generated automagically for every new listing!

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